Wentworth Falls Rural Fire Brigade celebrates 60 years


NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Acting District Manager Inspector Rob Vinzenz congratulates
members past and present of the Wentworth Falls Rural Fire Brigade who will gather to celebrate the
brigades 60th anniversary tomorrow evening.

Inspector Vinzenz said the Wentworth Falls Brigade, located within the Blue Mountains District, was
formed in 1959 in response to the 1957 fires, which saw parts of Leura and Wentworth Falls razed to
the ground.

“Since its humble beginnings, we have watched the Wentworth Falls Brigade go from strength to
strength, improving their equipment and the proficiency and experience of its members,” Inspector
Vinzenz said.

“Today there are 76 members in the Wentworth Falls Brigade, led by Captain Chris Zito, who respond
to local incidents including bush and grass fires, structure fires, motor vehicle accidents and searches,
as well as lending a hand in other areas where assistance is required.

“The brigade also actively undertakes community engagement activities within the community and
actively promotes bush fire safety and preparedness.”

Inspector Vinzenz said the respect afforded to members of the Wentworth Falls Brigade is testament
to the dedication of both past and present members.

“Each and every one of these volunteers is worthy of our most sincere thanks and I would like to
personally commend them, not only for their commitment to their Brigade and the Service, but also to
their community,” Inspector Vinzenz said.

“We must also thank the family, friends, employers and colleagues of these and all volunteers, we know
it takes their support to help Rural Fire Service members do what they do.

“It is the dedication of all members that will see the Wentworth Falls Brigade maintain a strong presence
in the community into the future.”

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