Emergency Services Minister announces cadets of the year


Minister for Police and Emergency Services Michael Gallacher today announced the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and NSW State Emergency Service (SES) Cadet of the Year.

"The NSW Government is proud to support the RFS and SES Secondary School Cadet Programs," Minister Gallacher said.

"Today we recognise the talents and enthusiasm of all young people who get involved and participate in their communities through these programs. 

"I am delighted to announce the Cadet of the Year in the NSW Rural Fire Service program is Bryce Reardon and from the NSW State Emergency Service, Ruby Barnes. 

"There is little doubt these programs influence young people to join the RFS and SES as volunteers and it's fitting this ceremony is held during National Volunteers Week.

It was clear from the testimonials provided by their teachers and cadet program coordinators that both Bryce and Ruby are community minded individuals who recognise the value of community participation, hard work and camaraderie.  

"I would like congratulating Bryce and Ruby on their outstanding achievement and wish you both all the very best in your future endeavours.

"The RFS has now conducted over 316 programs to more than 4828 students since the program was formally launched in 2005.

"The SES program has seen 70 programs conducted since 2009 with 1500 cadets participating across both city and country areas.

"Emergency service volunteers have been protecting local communities for more than 100 years.  Whether it be protecting people from bush and grass fires, or during times of floods.  

"I am sure our volunteers here today will attest to the fact that the benefits of volunteering are endless including a sense of personal fulfilment.

"We know that volunteering offers the opportunity to learn new and valuable skills that not only assists in the voluntary role, but in day to day life and the workplace.  It provides the opportunity to meet people you wouldn't normal meet and develop friendships that can last a lifetime.

"I would like to take the opportunity to express my admiration and appreciation for our volunteers in National Volunteers Week," Minister Gallacher said.


The NSW RFS Award is open to all Cadets who completed the Secondary Schools Cadet Program. Nomination forms for the 2012 Cadet of the Year Award were sent to all Cadet Coordinators and nominations closed in mid February 2013. 

To assess the Cadet of the Year nominations a panel of three NSW RFS members was established. The panel was unanimous in its decision to recommend Bryce Reardon from South Grafton High School as the 2012 recipient. South Grafton High School was one of 68 Schools who participated in the 2012 Secondary School Cadet Program.

Bryce was chosen based on the nomination from his NSW RFS Cadet Coordinator with the endorsement of his Deputy School Principal. In their nomination, they noted that Bryce had: 

  • Excelled in the program, which lead to a marked improvement in his school involvement and attitude toward class work;
  • Demonstrated a high degree of leadership and teamwork;
  • Motivated and encouraged all Cadets with every activity;
  • Gained the trust of his teammates and acted as a mentor for them; and
  • Represented his school and the NSW RFS with pride, in the local newspaper. 

As Cadet of the Year for 2012, Bryce Reardon, will be presented with a trophy and certificate with an additional trophy awarded to South Grafton High School.


The winner of the 2012 NSW SES Cadet of the Year Award is Ruby Barnes who is currently a Year 12 student from Hay War Memorial High School.  This school was 1 of 17 that participated in the NSW SES Cadet Program in 2012.

Ruby was a participant in a school cadet program in term 3 of 2012 where she demonstrated great leadership and encouragement of fellow cadets during cadet program activities. She displayed willingness to undertake all SES activities and encouraged other cadets to participate. Ruby also assisted from cadets from other schools at a combined camp. She was an outstanding contributor and role model and demonstrated great personal growth throughout the program.

Ruby is known for her commitment towards her community and is a role-model for young people. She has shown a high level of understanding of what volunteering means to her community. Ruby actively participated within the NSW Premier's Volunteering Program and has helped sandbagging efforts during the Hay floods. She currently sits on the student representative committee working towards organising events for the youth of Hay and continues to be is an enthusiastic promoter of volunteering, the NSW SES and the Secondary Schools Cadet Program

Contact Name: Clint McGilvray (Minister's Office)

Contact Phone: 0413 285 186