Bush Fire Coordinating Committee

Learn about the role of the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee and the Bush Fire Management Committees across NSW.

What is the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee?

The Bush Fire Coordinating Committee (BFCC) is responsible for planning in relation to fire prevention and coordinated bush fire firefighting. It advises the NSW RFS Commissioner on bush fire prevention and mitigation and coordinated bush fire suppression.

The Bush Fire Coordinating Committee consists of 20 members including the NSW RFS Commissioner, who is the Chairperson, as well as members of Fire and Rescue NSW and other specialists with a range of relevant expertise.

The Bush Fire Coordinating Committee appoints and guides Bush Fire Management Committees for all bush fire districts, and areas with a significant risk of bush fire. There are 56 bush fire risk areas across NSW.

Bush Fire Coordinating Committee meeting minutes

What are Bush Fire Management Committees?

Each Bush Fire Management Committee is made up of a range of stakeholders in order to ensure the whole community has a say on bush fire management activities. They include landholders, land managers, fire authorities and community organisations.

Each Bush Fire Management Committee develops a Bush Fire Risk Management Plan. It sets out the types of work scheduled to deal with the risk of bush fires in an area. These works may range from a community engagement event to hazard reduction activities. Each plan is approved by the Bush Fire Coordinating Committee.

Read the Bush Fire Management Committee Charter.