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Community Engagement

Community Engagement Strategic Directions 2017-2021

The NSW RFS Community Engagement Strategic Directions sets out how we'll work with our members and communities to reduce the risk of bush fires.

Community engagement is one the risk treatment options employed by the Service to risks associated with bush fires and to develop community resilience.

By implementing these Strategic Directions through a range of activities we aim to:

  • Establish common understanding of the role and function of community engagement
  • Ensure all stakeholders understand and support the direction and initiatives of community engagement in the NSW RFS
  • Deliver an evidence based framework for development and implementation of community engagement programs
  • Identify and leverage existing opportunities for effective community engagement
  • Ensure expectations are managed and that stakeholders understand the prioritisation of community engagement resources to deliver the greatest benefits for the community
  • Ensure all feedback is received and incorporated where appropriate to support continuous improvement processes

By focusing our efforts on the following Directions and implementation of their associated key actions we aim to achieve an outcome where communities are enabled to take responsibility for fire preparedness, prevention and actions during fire activity:

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Develop and Support our People
  • Everyday Engagement
  • Targeted Engagement
  • Resources to Risks
  • Demonstrate Effectiveness

Download the NSW RFS Community Engagement Strategic Directions 2017-2021