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Make a Difference – Volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service

When you join the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), you're joining the world's largest volunteer fire service – a team of more than 70,000 hard working, professional and dedicated volunteers in communities right across New South Wales.

Making a Difference - Women in the NSW Rural Fire Service

This booklet is a resource containing inspirational stories and images of our female members, and it also offers practical advice on increasing the participation of women in the organisation.

Legal Protection for Volunteer Rural Firefighters

Every year volunteer firefighters of the NSW Rural Fire Service respond to many hundreds of fires and other emergencies throughout the State. The Parliament has granted the officers of rural fire brigades necessary and significant powers under the Rural Fires Act to control or suppress fires and to protect the community from fires and other threats.

A Guide to Insurance Protection for Volunteer Rural Firefighters

NSW rural firefighters are exposed to high risk during firefighting operations. The NSW Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) Self Insurance Scheme was introduced to cover such exposure.

WorkCover - are you covered?

The dangerous nature of volunteer bush firefighting work, and the type of injuries suffered means that you will have special needs in a compensation and rehabilitation scheme. Therefore different benefits have been provided.

National Criminal History Record Checking General Information Sheet

Application forms are used by the NSW Rural Fire Service as part of the assessment process to determine whether a person is suitable for membership, appointment, employment, other engagement or work (whether as a volunteer or for financial reward) with the NSW RFS.

Secondary School Cadet Program Brochure

The NSW Rural Fire Service Cadet Program presents Year 9 Secondary School Students, with the opportunity to follow the training and service ideals in the NSW RFS during the school year.

Chaplaincy and Family Support Brochure

The Chaplain aims to be the one who can listen with empathy, advise calmly and offer assistance when such assistance is appropriate.

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