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Making a Difference - Women in the NSW Rural Fire Service

This booklet is a resource containing inspirational stories and images of our female members, and it also offers practical advice on increasing the participation of women in the organisation.

10 Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

Make a decision to join the NSW Rural Fire Service! This document explains the 10 steps towards becoming a member, including the application process and interview.

Secondary School Cadet Program Brochure

The NSW Rural Fire Service Cadet Program presents Year 9 Secondary School Students, with the opportunity to follow the training and service ideals in the NSW RFS during the school year.

Chaplaincy and Family Support Brochure

The Chaplain aims to be the one who can listen with empathy, advise calmly and offer assistance when such assistance is appropriate.

Make a Difference – Volunteer with the NSW Rural Fire Service

When you join the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS), you're joining the world's largest volunteer fire service – a team of more than 70,000 hard working, professional and dedicated volunteers in communities right across New South Wales.

Guide for Parents

Critical Incident Support Services Brochure

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