Smiths Lane Fire (Temora LGA)

Smiths Lane Fire


Smiths Lane Springdale fire burnt up to and around Stockinbingal

Smiths Lane Fire 
LOCATION: Smiths Lane Springdale
TYPE: Scrub fire
SIZE: 3196 ha

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The Smiths Lane Fire has been downgraded to Advice status. It burnt up to and around Stockinbingal earlier tonight however the threat to the town has now passed. Conditions have eased and there has been light rain fall across the fireground.

There have been no reports of homes lost at this time however a review of assets that have been damaged, e.g. farm sheds, crop loss, fencing, will be assessed tomorrow.

Almost 200 firefighters remain in the area and they will continue to work overnight to identify and construct containment lines to help bring the fire under control.

The Burley Griffin Way to the west of Stockinbingal remains closed to all traffic whilst firefighters asses fire affected trees that are close to the road. The road will be opened once it is safe for motorist.



The fire has now passed by Stockinbingal, burning to the east and west of the township and has been downgraded to Watc and Act status. There have been no reports of property loss at this time.

Conditions are starting to ease and there are reports of showers now falling on the fireground.

Almost 200 firefighters, assisted by aircraft, remain in the area and are working to contain the fire.

The Burley Griffin Way to the west of Stockinbingal remains closed to all traffic.


Rain is forming on the radar to the west of Stockinbingal and is already falling on Riverina townships. Firies are hoping it will arrive at Stockinbingal soon. So far 3600 hectares have been burnt out.



A southerly change has now moved across the fireground and is pushing the fire in a northerly direction towards the township of Stockinbingal. The fire may reach Stockinbingal by 7:30pm.

An emergency alert text message is being sent to residents in the Stockinbingal area.

The Burley Griffin Way which runs through Stockinbingal has now been closed in both directions and it is believed that the fire has reached residents in stockinbingal.

NSW RFS crews working to protect homes in the area and are being further assisted by six water bombing aircraft.

Under these conditions, fires are uncontrollable and move quickly. Embers will be blown ahead of the fire, creating spot fires that will move quickly and in different directions. These spot fires may threaten our home earlier than the predicted main fire front. 




The fire has jumped Burley Griffin Way and is now heading straight for Stockinbingal. There have been reports that all residents are receiving text messages to evacuate and we are trying to verify that information.



The NSWRFS has upgraded the Smiths Lane Fire to Emergency Warning - the highest alert status available. 

The fire, approximately 10km south west of Stockbingal,  is currently 3200 hectares in size and still out of control.



The Smiths lane Fire continues to burn and has now accounted for 1600 hectares according to the NSWRFS 4:49PM update.


The fire is still out of control, but no evacuation orders have been issued, according to David Nicholson of NSWRFS South West Slopes.

The fire has now come off the hills and is into flat country. Four bombers are working to control the fire and up to 30 trucks are engaged.

The fire is not threatening any properties at this stage and is heading in a south easterly direction. That is expected to change between 6pm and 8pm at which time it is predicted to turn north easterly.



A grass fire, designated the Smiths Lane Fire, has broken out near Cootamundra and is presently out of control.

The NSWRFS has given the fire, which is located at smiths lane Springdale and has burnt out an estimated area of 100 hectares, an alert status of Watch and Act.

This update was received at 2:42pm, further information will be added as it becomes available.