Firefighters extinguish Mitchell Highway fire


 Fire and Rescue NSW and the Orana Rural Fire Service (RFS) worked to extinguish a fire that broke out on Monday afternoon.

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Seven RFS, two Fire and Rescue NSW units, two council bulk water carriers and 20 RFS volunteers fought for an hour to control the blaze a kilometre past Bunnings heading towards Wellington.

The blaze was started on the southern side of the Mitchell Highway at 2.05pm and burnt 15 to 20 acres of grass.
Lyndon Wieland Orana RFS team manager said the fire was started by someone mowing their lawn.
He said the wind made the fire difficult to control and the blaze spread very quickly.
The Mitchell Highway was closed for a short period because of smoke covering the highway.
Superintendent Wieland said residents need to be more diligent going into the fire season.
"I wouldn't even attempt to be mowing the lawn- it's a recipe for disaster," Superintendent Wieland said.

"People need to be more responsible- they leave themselves wide open to prosecution.

"We managed to protect any property, but it still took us an hour to control the fire."

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