Firefighters tackle Goonoo blaze near Dubbo


THE Orana Rural Fire Service (RFS) is continuing to patrol a fire that burnt out a 160-hectare section of the Goonoo State Forest.

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The fire, which started about 6pm Monday, is believed to have been started by a lightning strike.

About 100 firefighters and a dozen tankers responded to the blaze, including a crew from the Warrumbungles, according to Orana RFS team manager Lyndon Wieland.

"It started west of Brennans Road, jumped that then ran to the Dubbo-Mendooran Road and jumped that, heading in an easterly direction," he said.

"We put in retardant lines using aircraft to reduce the speed of the fire."

Superintendent Wieland said by Tuesday morning the fire was mostly contained and no properties were under threat.

He said there were concerns winds expected on Tuesday afternoon could prompt a flare-up.

The rain on Monday night had helped, Superintendent Wieland said.

"It assisted us with some close containment, normally it would be dangerous to get that close with bulldozers but we got 4 to 5ml of rain that took the edge off the fire, it helped us enormously," he said.


One of our Dubbo HQ Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers, Dave Laundy managed to get some great photos of the Garlings Rd Fire in the Goonoo National Park which started early Sunday night. This fire is now at Patrol status thanks to the huge efforts of crews which still continues today.
Big fire in the Goonoo Forrest, nr Mendooran. It managed to jump the road over our heads and start behind us.



NSW RFS and NPWS, with support of aircraft, continue to fight a fire burning in the Goonoo Forest, 25km north east of Dubbo on Garlings Rd. The fire, which started yesterday evening, is suspected to be caused by a lightning strike. 110 hectares have been burnt and while the fire remains uncontained, no properties are at threat. Although there was light rain throughout last night, this will dry out through the day causing an increase in fire activity.

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