Initial Assessment of Fire Affected Areas - 9 September


NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Building Impact Assessment teams are continuing their assessment of properties impacted by last week’s bush fires.

Five properties are now confirmed destroyed, with another five damaged. Assessments are continuing on some of the firegrounds, and this number may change.

The initial assessment of property impact is:

  • Long Gully Road fire, Drake (10% of area assessed)
    • 4 homes destroyed
    • 4 outbuildings destroyed, 4 damaged
  • Mount McKenzie Road fire, Tenterfield (assessment of area complete)
    • 1 home destroyed, 4 damaged
    • 3 facilities destroyed (two car yards and a pistol club)
    • 15 outbuildings destroyed, 10 damaged
    • 95 homes in the immediate area of the fire were saved
  • View Street, Lidsdale (assessment of area complete)
    • 1 home damaged
    • 3 outbuildings destroyed

Across the firegrounds impacted, more than 200 homes in the immediate area of the fires were saved.

BIA teams are continuing their assessments today.

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