Update on Northern NSW bush fires


A total of 45 homes have now been confirmed destroyed following the bush fires in northern NSW this week.

NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) Building Impact Assessment teams are continuing their assessment of impacted properties.

Crews have now surveyed more than 550 properties and confirmed the following losses:

  • 45 homes destroyed, 11 damaged, 166 in the direct area of the fire saved
  • 5 facilities including a hall destroyed, 9 damaged, 18 saved
  • 87 outbuildings destroyed, 32 damaged, 191 saved

BIA teams are continuing their assessments, and these numbers will change as more remote areas are inspected.

Of the homes destroyed, 37 were impacted by the Busbys Flat Road fire.

Eight properties were destroyed by the Long Gully Road fire this week, in addition to 24 which were destroyed last month.

Across the bush fire season to date, a total of 89 homes have been destroyed in NSW.

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