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Am I at risk from grass fires?

Recent rain has caused extensive grass growth across NSW.

As grass and crops dry out, they become more susceptible to fire.

This means there's a significant risk of large and destructive grass fires this season.

Why are grass fires dangerous?

Grass fires are unpredictable. They can start easily and spread quickly.

In fact, grass fires can move three times faster than a bush fire, leaving you little time to get ready.

Grass fires on farms can also destroy homes, crops and livelihoods.

There is an increased risk of grass fires this summer. It is important that you understand grass fires and how to protect yourself, your family and your property from the threat of fire.

Even if you do not live near grassland, you may still be at risk of bush fire. You don't have to live right near the bush to be at risk. Even if your home is a few streets back, you may be at risk. Check if you live on bush fire prone land.