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P3.2.3 Annualised Conditions Allowance

Published 3 October 2008.

P3.2.6 Zoning and Teaming

Published 16 June 2010.

P3.2.7 Request for Review of Promotion Decisions v1.0

P3.2.9 NSW RFS Operational Officer (OpO) Program

P3.3.1 Professional Development

Published 6 November 2012.

P3.3.3 NSW RFS Work Experience Activities

Published 23 May, 2019.

P3.4.1 Workers Compensation and Injury Management for NSW RFS Employees

Published 18 March 2019.

P4.1.1 Financial Delegations

Published 6 November 2012.

Policy 4.1.1 State Operations Roster and Overtime

Repealed on 5 December 2017 - It was initially issued in 2005 and detailed the operational rostering of head office and regional staff into State Operations. Since then a number of actions and documents have been implemented by the NSW RFS that have superseded the requirement for and content of policy 4.1.1 v1.0. The policy has been reviewed and deemed to be inconsistent with current practice and doctrine.

P4.1.3 Procurement

Published 22 May 2020.

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