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Development Control Practice Notes

Practice Note 1/07 - Submission Requirements

This note provides advice to those involved with the development application process with information on the submission requirements supporting alternative solutions for Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006.

Practice Note 1/11 - Telecommunications Towers in Bush Fire Prone Areas

Telecommunications Towers in Bush Fire Prone Areas are critical infrastructure for fire fighting communications and for providing warnings, information and communication channels for people in bush fire prone areas during bush fire emergencies.

Practice Note 1/12 Establishment of Easements for the Purpose of APZs

This Practice Note provides direction on the establishment of easements for the creation and maintenance of Asset Protection Zones identified as a requirement during the development assessment process.

Practice Note 1/13 NSW RFS Qualified Consultants Framework

The aim of this Practice Note is to clarify the policy position of the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) in relation to the framework for recognition of a bush fire consultant.NOTE: This Practice Note replaces both Fast Fact 5/10 and Practice Note 1/10. As at 15 April 2013 these documents are obsolete.

Practice Note 2/12 Planning Instruments and Policies

This Practice Note provides direction for local government and agencies responsible for the creation and implementation of local area policy and provisions for development in bush fire prone areas. It will assist in interpreting and addressing the requirements for a planning proposal and in structuring written instruments relating to development on bush fire prone land.

Practice Note 3/12 Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) and Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Checklist

This Practice Note provides a checklist of minimum requirements the NSW RFS recommends for a BAL certificate and CDC under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008.

Practice Note 4/12 - ‘In principle’ Masterplan Agreements in Bush Fire Prone Land

This Practice Note is designed to provide best practice guidelines for 'in principle' agreements by the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) for masterplans within bush fire prone areas.

Practice Note 5/12 - Reuse of Rezoning Reports on Bush Fire Prone Land

This Practice Note provides guidance on when bush fire assessments prepared as part of a rezoning in a bush fire prone area can be used for subsequent development applications submitted to the NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS).

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