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Bush Fire Coordinating Committee Policies

Policy 2/2006 Management of Bush Fire Operations (Amended)

Policy 1/2007 Section 44 Payment and Reimbursement Criteria and Payment Procedures

Policy 1/2011 - Allocation Principles for Funding of Bush Fire Mitigation Works

Policy 1/2012 Community Safety and Coordinated Evacuations

Policy 2/2012 Notified Step for the protection of Neighbourhood Safer Places

Policy 1/2018 Aviation Support to Bush Firefighting

Aviation support contributes to the effective management and suppression of bush fires. This policy addresses the potential safety implications, the cost of the resource and the importance of ensuring a co-coordinated approach to the sourcing, tasking and control of these assets.

Bush Fire Management Committee Handbook - Edition 1, June 2006 (Under Review)

This handbook contains information to assist understanding of BFMCs. It does not contain information relating to bush fire management, fire behaviour, environmental considerations, or the management practices or attitudes of particular organisations/agencies. For more information on these matters, you should refer to the information provided by organisations/agencies and training offered by a number of providers.

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