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Service Standards

SS 1.1.21 Stand Down/Removal from Membership and Notification of Criminal Charges and Convictions

Published 3 October 2008 - This Service Standard sets out the procedures to be followed in relation to standing down a member, removing a person from membership, and notifying the NSW RFS of a criminal charge or conviction.

SS 1.1.24 Assistance in Legal Matters for Members of the NSW RFS

Published 1 September 2004 - Legal proceedings or inquiries associated with or arising out of the activities of the NSW RFS generally involve the Service as a party to those proceedings. Solicitors and Counsel retained to represent the Service will be available to protect the interests of NSW RFS members if an issue involving an individual arises during the course of the proceedings.

SS 1.1.28 Injury/Accident Reporting and Investigation

Published 9 December 2008 - The NSW RFS acknowledges its responsibility to investigate the occurrence of accidents and identify corrective actions. To facilitate this process, the NSW RFS has established an accident investigation system.This Service Standard provides for a system to facilitate recording and reporting of an injury/accident occurrence, and the undertaking of related investigations.

SS 1.1.30 Public Interest Disclosures in the NSW RFS

This Service Standard has been updated to reflect recent legislative changes to the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 (the Act).This new Act:changes the way disclosures are managed by the RFSplaces new requirements on the RFS to report disclosures and protect those who make disclosures, andcreates more avenues for public officials to report serious wrongdoing in the public sectorAll members of the RFS, both volunteers and staff, are classified as public officials under the PID Act, as are contractors and sub-contractors

SS 1.1.32 Fraud and Corruption

Published 20 August 2019.

SS 1.1.33 Reporting and Investigating Child Protection Related Allegations

SS 1.1.41 Photographic Identification Cards for NSW RFS Volunteer Members

Published 27 August 2011 - The NSW RFS recognises the need to ensure that all members should be able to identify themselves as members of the Service. Photographic identification cards will assist NSW RFS members in performing their duties and will improve the security of the Service and its members.

SS 1.1.42 Respectful and Inclusive Workplace

This Service Standard has been developed to incorporate and extend content from previous policies 4.1.13 Bullying in the Workplace v1.2 and P3.1.2 Harassment v1.1. and migrating to a Service Standard rather than a policy, to cover all NSW RFS members.

SS 1.2.1 NSW RFS Ranking and Rank Insignia

Published 20 December 2023 - Effective operational performance requires the development of a clearly defined and easily understood operational command structure. Subsection 12(4) of the Rural Fires Act 1997 provides for the Commissioner to determine the ranks of NSW RFS members.

SS 1.3.1 Delegations and Authorisations (including supplementary delegations- unincorporated area of NSW)

Published 24 June 2022 - The statutory powers created by the Rural Fires Act 1997 (the Act) are vested in the Commissioner, Local Authorities, Fire Control Officers and Officers of Brigades. This Service Standard identifies the Delegations (s 14 of the Act) and Authorisations (s 39 of the Act) of the Commissioner with respect to the NSW RFS. It also includes Delegations (s 44 of the Act) of the Commissioner with respect to co-ordinated bush firefighting.

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