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Service Standards

SS 1.5.4 NPWS All Parks Passes

Published 22 June 2018 - The National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has extended the benefits of "All Parks Passes" to certain members of the NSW RFS. This Service Standard outlines the process for issuing the NPWS All Parks Pass to eligible Service members.

SS 1.5.5 Area Management Model Transition

SS 1.5.6 Lessons Management Framework

SS 2.1.1 Formation and Disbandment of Brigades and Groups of Brigades

Published 24 June 2022 - The NSW RFS is committed to providing a fire service which has relevance to local communities and recognises that local situations can change, and there is a need to periodically review the placement of Brigades.

SS 2.1.2 Brigade Constitution

Published 18 March 2020 - This Service Standard provides the process for which brigades must undertake to develop their brigade constitution.

SS 2.1.3 Brigade Registers

Published 11 June 2009 - This Service Standard states the responsibilities of rural fire brigades and rural fire DTZ's in relation to brigade registers.The development and maintenance of a brigade register is a requirement under section 20 of the Rural Fires Act 1997.

SS 2.1.4 Appointment of Field and Group Officers

Published 17 December 2007 - The Rural Fires Act 1997 provides for the appointment of Brigade Officers in accordance with the Service Standards.

SS 2.1.5 Child and Youth Participation in NSW RFS Activities

Published 16 July 2013 - The NSW RFS is an organisation that values the principles of flexible membership and strives to be an organisation that attracts members of all ages. This Service Standard reflects the NSW RFS value of one team, many players and one purpose.

SS 2.1.6 Joining the NSW RFS as a Volunteer Member (including Transfer Applications)

Published 5 April 2012 - The work undertaken by the NSW RFS is demanding both physically and mentally. It can also be dangerous. It is therefore imperative that members of the Service are capable of carrying out their duties without endangering their own safety, the safety of other members of the NSW RFS or the public.

SS 2.1.7 Management of Brigade Records

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