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Service Standards

SS 5.1.10 Accommodation Standards and Building Construction Projects

Published 1 August 2011 - This service standard will set an acceptable standard for Fire Control Centre (FCC) design, thereby assisting in complying with the State Government's position on total asset management, business continuity planning and emergency management, and ensure consistency and uniformity regarding infrastructure within FCCs across the State.

SS 5.2.2 Return of Equipment Allocated to Members of the Service

Published 21 October 2005 - This Service Standard provides direction on the return of NSW RFS equipment.

SS 5.3.1 Equipment Maintenance

Published 16 June 2010 - To ensure the safety and effectiveness of rural firefighting and related activities, all equipment and related facilities need to be maintained in a serviceable condition.

SS 5.3.3 Annual Inspection of Unregistered Rural Fire Service Vehicles, Trailers and Plant

Published 11 October 2004 - The Rural Fires Act, 1997 defines the need to annually inspect all firefighting apparatus in the Rural Fire District, except for that equipment managed by land management authorities.

SS 5.3.4 Maintenance of Buildings

Published 14 December 2010 - Section 119 of the Rural Fires Act, 1997 (the Act) imposes an obligation upon Councils to take care of and maintain in the condition required by the Service Standards, all fire fighting equipment which has been purchased or constructed wholly or partly to the credit of the NSW Rural Fire Fighting Fund.

SS 5.3.5 Fleet Insurance

This Service Standard provides guidance on the process for insurance arrangements and includes an SOP detailing the notification of accident and claim process for motor vehicles owned by the NSW RFS, Council or Brigades.

SS 5.3.6 Automatic Vehicle Location

Published 18 March 2019

SS 5.3.8 Inventories

Published 30 June 2020.

SS 5.4.1 Asset Disposal

Published 15 May 2002 - The NSW RFS is committed to the proper management of surplus or deficient physical assets that might otherwise reduce efficient, effective and safe service delivery. One of the key elements of asset management is the timely, appropriate and cost effective disposal of assets in a frame work that ensures probity, honesty and conformity to Government Policy.

SS 6.1.2 Qualifications for NSW RFS Members

Published 5 December 2017 - This Service Standard specifies the minimum qualifications required to be eligible for appointment to key positions in the NSW RFS.

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