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Service Standards

SS 2.1.7 Management of Brigade Records

SS 2.1.8 Criminal History and Disciplinary Record Checks for NSW RFS Volunteer Members

Published 22 September 2010 - This Service Standard sets out the procedure to be followed for Criminal History and Disciplinary Record Checks for volunteer members of the NSW RFS.

SS 2.1.9 Participation by Staff in Brigade Activities

Published 16 September 2005 - This Service Standard applies to all salaried staff who participate in brigade activities in the capacity of a volunteer.

SS 2.1.13 NSW Rural Fire Service Community Fire Units

Published 27 August 2011 - The purpose of this service standard is to ensure that NSW RFS Community Fire Units operate from a common base of safety, efficiency and effectiveness.

SS 2.1.14 Management of Deductible Gift Recipient Status for NSW RFS Brigades

Published 6 November 2012 - This Service Standard applies to brigades that want to receive tax deductible gifts/donations and have either been endorsed by the ATO as a deductible gift recipient or will participate in the NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades Donations Fund.

SS 3.1.2 Incident Dispatch

Published 5 December 2017 - This Service Standard outlines how NSW Rural Fire Service resources shall be dispatched to incidents.

SS 3.1.3 Incident Reporting

Published 10 October 2013 - This Service Standard outlines the reporting of incident information. Such reporting enables operational decisions to be made more effectively, and enables the Commissioner, the Minister and the community to be kept informed of what is happening.

SS 3.1.4 Remote Area Firefighter Fitness Testing

Published 21 April 2004 - The NSW RFS has a duty of care to ensure that its members tasked to remote area firefighting operations are physically capable of undertaking the tasks allotted to them.

SS 3.1.6 Operational Doctrine

Published 10 October 2013 - This Service Standard provides for the development of procedures and protocols to enable safe, effective and efficient operations to protect people and the things they value during incidents.

SS 3.1.8 Critical Incidents

Published 15 May 2019 - This Service Standard details a systematic approach to reacting to a crisis situation.

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