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Bush Fire Risk Management Planning

Fire is part of the Australian landscape. Bush fire management in NSW is a cooperative effort of the whole community.  

It involves fire authorities, landowners, land managers, planning authorities and local communities. Government agencies, landowners and managers and community groups are involved in a mix of actions and strategies to minimise the potential for bush fire to affect life, property and the environment.  

Bush fire management is more than just fire fighting and hazard reduction, although these are important elements. It involves a risk planning process which includes identifying assets within a community at risk of bush fire, assessing that risk and developing specific strategies to deal with those risks.  

To assist in bush fire management, local Bush Fire Management Committees (BFMCs) along with input from local communities prepare a Bush Fire Risk Management Plan (BFRMP). To find out more about BFRMPs click here.

The work an individual does to prepare their property also plays a critical role in bush fire management. No matter what broader strategic measures are taken, if your property is not prepared then embers will find somewhere to land and cause spot fires.  

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