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Service Standards

SS 1.1.1 Management of NSW RFS Policy Documents

Published 30 July 2012 - Policy statements are issued by the Commissioner under Section 13 of the Rural Fires Act 1997 and are intended to provide:(a) a mechanism by which the activities of NSW Rural Fire Service members can be coordinated across the State;(b) direction for compliance with relevant legislation and government policies;(c) a consistent approach to tasks and levels of service; and(d) a mechanism to assist with continuous improvement of the NSW RFS operational and management systems.

SS 1.1.2 Discipline

Published 4 September 2007 - This Service Standard sets out the procedure to be followed when disciplinary action is taken against a group officer, brigade field officer or member of a brigade.

SS 1.1.3 Grievances

Published 3 October 2008 - The purpose of this service standard is to ensure there is a procedure in place where genuine problems, concerns and complaints of all members of the NSW RFS are successfully addressed and resolved within the NSW RFS.

SS 1.1.4 Health, Safety and Welfare Consultative Committees

Published 2 June 2011 - The NSW RFS is committed to ensuring effective health and safety consultation with all members. This Service Standard establishes the consultative arrangements under which all members are represented by the health and safety consultation system.

SS 1.1.5 Environment

Published 23 July 2003 - The objects of the Rural Fires Act 1997 include protection of the environment by requiring certain activities (such as the prevention, mitigation and suppression of bush and other fires) to be carried out having regard to the principles of ecological sustainable development described in subsection 6(2) of the Protection of the Environment Administration Act 1991.

SS 1.1.7 Code of Conduct and Ethics

Published 10 September 2015 - The Code of Conduct and Ethics (the Code) establishes standards of behaviour expected of all members of the NSW RFS.

SS 1.1.9 Child Related Activities

Published 22 September 2010 - The NSW RFS has an obligation to ensure the safety of the children with whom it has contact.

SS 1.1.14 Personal Information and Privacy

Published 2 November 2007 - This Service Standard sets out the manner in which members of the NSW RFS must collect and use personal information in carrying out the functions of the NSW RFS so as to comply with the provisions of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

SS 1.1.16 Fundraising Activities (Provision of Goods and Services)

Published 30 April 2007 - Members of the Service engage in a range of fund raising activities in order to assist rural fire brigades and groups of rural fire brigades to acquire additional equipment and facilities, to assist in the payment of running costs and to otherwise enhance the service they provide to the community.

SS 1.1.19 Intellectual Property

Published 31 March 2009 - This Service Standard acknowledges the importance of the NSW RFS investment in the development and acquisition of Intellectual Property, and ensures compliance with the Intellectual Property Management Framework for the NSW Public Sector 2005, relevant guidelines and legislation.

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