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Service Standards

SS 1.3.2 Powers of Officers

Published 19 March 2013 - Subsection 22(1) of the Rural Fires Act 1997 provides that officers of a rural fire brigade or group of rural fire brigades of a rank designated by the Commissioner may, for certain purposes, exercise any function conferred on the officer by or under the Act or take any other action reasonably necessary or incidental to the effective exercise of such a function.

SS 1.3.4 Rural Fire District Service Agreements

Published 16 August 2010 - The majority of Local Authorities which have responsibilities for Rural Fire Districts have entered into Rural Fire District Service Agreements (RFDSAs) with the NSW RFS under section 12A of the Rural Fires Act 1997. In accordance with these RFDSAs, the Commissioner assumes responsibility for the exercise of functions imposed upon those Local Authorities by the Act.

SS 1.4.1 Organisational Communication

Published 23 May2019 - Effective communications and engagement are essential in fostering a unified NSW RFS for all members – One NSW RFS. They are also integral to the professional operations, service delivery and reputation of the NSW RFS. This Service Standard articulates the responsibilities of all members and the Service’s communication and engagement framework as captured in the One NSW RFS Communication and Engagement Strategy.

SS 1.4.2 NSW RFS Brand

This Service Standard aims to ensure that the NSW RFS brand, insignia and name, including the NSW RFS logo (crest and logotype) is protected in its presentation, reproduction and usage. It provides for a system of approvals and controls over the branding to protect the reputation of the NSW RFS and articulates the role of the One NSW RFS Brand Guidelines and the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989.

SS 1.4.4 Volunteer and Visitor Access to Network Services

SS 1.4.5 Social Media

Social media is an effective method of communicating and engaging with the community and members. This Service Standard provides guidance to NSW RFS members and encourages responsible use of social media as a communication and engagement tool. It also facilitates a consistent approach to the use of social media within the NSW RFS.

SS 1.4.6 NSW RFS Websites

Published 5 December 2017 - This Service Standard establishes standards expected of all NSW RFS members and third parties with regard to the construction, maintenance and content of any NSW RFS website.

SS 1.4.8 Media

The media is an important partner of the NSW RFS assisting with the delivery of information to the community, particularly before, during and after emergency incidents. The NSW RFS uses the media not only to disseminate public information during emergencies but also to promote the image of the Service and the role of volunteers. This Service Standard and its Standard Operating Procedures outline the responsibilities of all NSW RFS members in dealing with the media.

SS 1.5.1 Management of NSW RFS Policy Documents

Published 18 March 2019

SS 1.5.2 Environment

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