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Service Standards

SS 3.1.6 Operational Doctrine

Published 10 October 2013 - This Service Standard provides for the development of procedures and protocols to enable safe, effective and efficient operations to protect people and the things they value during incidents.

SS 3.1.8 Critical Incidents

Published 15 May 2019 - This Service Standard details a systematic approach to reacting to a crisis situation.

SS 3.1.9 Fire Investigation

Published 9 November 2009 - The purpose of this Service Standard is to identify the role of the NSW RFS in relation to the investigation of fire cause.

SS 3.1.11 Catering in the RFS

Published 24 July 2007 - The NSW RFS provides food during the course of, and in conjunction with, operational and training activities and to members of the public in the course of fundraising or similar activities. The preparation, handling and distribution of food must be in accordance with the Australia and New Zealand Food Standards Code and the Food Safety Standards.

SS 3.1.14 Fatigue Management

Published 15 November 2012 - Fatigue management plays an important part in the effectiveness and the safety of the activities of the NSW RFS, particularly those that involve shift work arrangements.

SS 3.1.15 Bush Fire Building Impact Analysis

Published 13 June 2012 - This Service Standard outlines the NSW RFS process and procedures for undertaking a bush fire building impact analysis.

SS 3.1.17 NSW RFS Rescue Operations

Published 18 March 2019.

SS 3.2.1 Coordinated Firefighting and Air Operations

Published 10 October 2013 - This Service Standard outlines the basis for the safe, effective and efficient coordination of firefighting and air operations.

SS 3.2.2 Assistance to Other Emergency Service Organisations

Published 7 December 2017 - This Service Standard outlines how the NSW RFS provides assistance to other agencies, including when another agency is the specified combat agency.

SS 4.1.4 Neighbourhood Safer Places

Published 30 July 2012 - The purpose of this Service Standard is to outline the NSW RFS process for the implementation and maintenance of Neighbourhood Safer Places.

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