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Service Standards

SS 3.1.14 Fatigue Management

Published 15 November 2012 - Fatigue management plays an important part in the effectiveness and the safety of the activities of the NSW RFS, particularly those that involve shift work arrangements.

SS 3.1.15 Bush Fire Building Impact Analysis

Published 13 June 2012 - This Service Standard outlines the NSW RFS process and procedures for undertaking a bush fire building impact analysis.

SS 3.1.17 NSW RFS Rescue Operations

Published 18 March 2019.

SS 3.2.1 Coordinated Firefighting and Air Operations

Published 10 October 2013 - This Service Standard outlines the basis for the safe, effective and efficient coordination of firefighting and air operations.

SS 3.2.2 Assistance to Other Emergency Service Organisations

Published 7 December 2017 - This Service Standard outlines how the NSW RFS provides assistance to other agencies, including when another agency is the specified combat agency.

SS 4.1.4 Neighbourhood Safer Places

Published 30 July 2012 - The purpose of this Service Standard is to outline the NSW RFS process for the implementation and maintenance of Neighbourhood Safer Places.

SS 4.1.5 Assistance for Infirm Disabled and Elderly Residents

SS 4.2.1 Bush Fire Danger Periods

Published 10 October 2013 - The Rural Fires Act 1997 as amended (Part 4, Division 4) provides for a bush fire danger period to apply throughout NSW from 1 October to 31 March.

SS 4.2.2 Fire Permits

Published 29 October 2009 - This Service Standard provides information on how fire permits are to be issued by the NSW RFS.

SS 4.2.2A Fire Permits - Deceased Livestock

Published 5 October 2018.

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