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Service Standards

SS 4.3.1 Community Education

Published 24 July 2007 - This Service Standard outlines the NSW RFS commitment to reducing the impact of fire on the community through an emphasis on partnerships and community capacity building as developed by an active involvement in Community Education.

SS 5.1.3 Communication Systems

Published 23 May 2019 - Standardised communications systems and hardware provide a higher degree of reliability for users and provide a more efficient and effective systems support capability.

SS 5.1.4 Fire Fighting Appliance Construction Standards

Published 6 November 2012 - This Service Standard ensures that the NSW RFS provides safe, cost effective, standardised, fit for purpose fire fighting appliances across a range of categories.

SS 5.1.5 Protective Clothing and Accessories

Published 22 September 2010 - This Service Standard provides direction to ensure that personnel engaged with various NSW RFS operational activities are provided with appropriate levels of protective clothing and equipment.

SS 5.1.6 Secondhand Appliance Transfer Program

Published 6 November 2012 - The NSW RFS is continuing the program to modernise, standardise and maintain the fire appliance fleet and has a secondhand appliance transfer program that provides for appliances to be transferred between Districts at certain nominated stages.

SS 5.1.7 Appliance and Vehicle Category Details

Service Standard 5.1.7 Appliance and Vehicle Category Details v3.2 was released on 13 July 2016. It has undergone a minor administrative review, updating to current policy format and to reflect current position titles.

SS 5.1.9 Breathing Apparatus

Published 14 December 2009 - This service standard defines the proper acquisition, use, training and maintenance associated with breathing apparatus in the NSW RFS.

SS 5.1.10 Fire Control Centre Accommodation and Facilities

Published 1 August 2011 - This service standard will set an acceptable standard for Fire Control Centre (FCC) design, thereby assisting in complying with the State Government's position on total asset management, business continuity planning and emergency management, and ensure consistency and uniformity regarding infrastructure within FCCs across the State.

SS 5.2.2 Return of Equipment Allocated to Members of the Service

Published 21 October 2005 - This Service Standard provides direction on the return of NSW RFS equipment.

SS 5.3.1 Equipment Maintenance

Published 16 June 2010 - To ensure the safety and effectiveness of rural firefighting and related activities, all equipment and related facilities need to be maintained in a serviceable condition.

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