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Service Standards

SS 6.1.3 Training in the NSW RFS

Published 13 June 2012 - Members of the NSW RFS are required to have the relevant competency to carry out the functions for which they have volunteered or for which they have been employed.

SS 6.1.5 Live Fire Training

Published 19 August 2013 - This Service Standard provides guidance for the conduct of live fire training in the NSW RFS, both as part of skills acquisition training i.e. initial training, and competency maintenance activities.

SS 6.1.6 State Training Academy

Published 14 March 2023

SS 7.1.1 Chaplaincy

Published 29 October 2009 - The Chaplaincy program specifically provides spiritual support to volunteer firefighters and their families in times of death, illness and personal tragedy and generally overlaps with other areas in providing a range of morale, welfare and financial support in times of need.

SS 7.1.2 Critical Incident Support Services (CISS)

Published 14 December 2009 - The NSW RFS has an obligation and responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of members involved in performing their duties.

SS 7.1.3 Workers Compensation for NSW RFS Volunteers

Published 22 May 2020 - This new Service Standard has been developed to provide details on the requirements and processes for lodging a workers compensation claim for volunteers. It also outlines the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders.

SS 7.1.5 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Published 6 November 2012 - This Service Standard has been developed to ensure the distribution and use of Automated External Defibrillators within the Service is appropriate.

SS 7.1.6 Health and Safety Management System (HSMS)

Published 8 March 2019.

SS 7.1.7 Smoking in the Workplace

Published 5 October 2018. This Service Standard repeals and updates Service Standard 7.8.5 of the same title.

SS 7.1.8 Work Health and Safety Consultation and Issue Resolution

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