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Service Standards

SS 7.1.1 Chaplaincy

Published 29 October 2009 - The Chaplaincy program specifically provides spiritual support to volunteer firefighters and their families in times of death, illness and personal tragedy and generally overlaps with other areas in providing a range of morale, welfare and financial support in times of need.

SS 7.1.2 Critical Incident Support Services (CISS)

Published 14 December 2009 - The NSW RFS has an obligation and responsibility to ensure the health, safety and welfare of members involved in performing their duties.

SS 7.1.5 Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Published 6 November 2012 - This Service Standard has been developed to ensure the distribution and use of Automated External Defibrillators within the Service is appropriate.

SS 7.1.6 Health and Safety Management System (HSMS)

Published 8 March 2019.

SS 7.1.7 Smoking in the Workplace

Published 5 October 2018. This Service Standard repeals and updates Service Standard 7.8.5 of the same title.

SS 7.1.8 Work Health and Safety Consultation and Issue Resolution

SS 7.8.5 Smoking in the Workplace

Published 16 July 2013 - The purpose of this Service Standard is to establish NSW RFS requirements to address the safety risks associated with environmental tobacco smoke in the workplace and ensure compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements.Repeal notice published 5 October 2018.

SS 8.1.1 Uniforms for NSW RFS Members

Published 6 November 2012 - This Service Standard articulates the policy for the maintenance, wearing and disposal of uniforms worn by members of the NSW RFS.

SS 8.1.2 Vehicle Marking and Identification

Published 9 January 2007 - This Service Standard ensures that the marking and identification of the Service's vehicles is uniform for all groups and category types of vehicles.

SS 8.1.3 Ceremonies and Events

Published 13 June 2012 - This Service Standard provides the governance for the management of NSW RFS ceremonies and events and the attendance of Service personnel at ceremonies and events conducted by other organisations.

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